Which Pop-Up Tent Should You Buy?

Pop-up tents can provide much-needed shade for temporary situations – and they are easy to use. However, which tent should you buy? Below, I compare the popular Z Shade Everest with other models so you can see the pros and cons of each…

Z Shade Everest Pop-Up Tents - Which One Should You Buy?

In short, the Everest Pop-up Tent provides a sturdy, reliable – yet affordable – way to transport shelter to wherever you need it. Their Insta-Lock system lets you extend and secure the posts in seconds, making tent set-up a snap (literally).

Z Shade Everest VS Horizon & Sedona Versions:

Compared to the Z-Shade Horizon and Sedona 10′ x 10′ models, the Everest pop-up tent has 3 leg height adjustments rather than only 2. Plus, it provides 40% more shaded area.

In addition, the cheaper versions weigh less (about 25% less), making them less stable and secure on windy days. Because the Z Shade Everest weighs more, the company provides a roller bag instead of a standard over-the-shoulder carrying bag. I think that this by itself is worth the extra $20 (approximately).

Instructions for Setting Up Z Shade Pop-Up Tent

You’ll also notice that the Everest tent comes with straight vertical legs (vs posts that angle outward). This structural design may work better in locations where you have limited space.

More Info on the Z-Shade

Specs for Z Shade Everest:

  • Dimensions: 10 feet long x 10 feet wide x 9.6 feet tall in center
  • Shade Area: 100 Square Feet
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Posts: Vertical
  • Fabric: 150 Denier Polyester with 99% UV Protection, Water Resistant
  • Package Includes: Stake Kit, Roll-Away Storage Bag
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Z-Shade Pop-Up Tent Dimensions (height, width, length)
Courtesy of Z Shade USA

About the Company: Z-Shade makes a variety of pop-up tent styles, both for commercial and personal use. Whether you need portable shade for work, home, play or travel, these tents give you a convenient way to take a temporary shelter with you. You can save money, make yourself more comfortable and prevent lots of painful sunburns!

Z-Shade VS Amazon Basics Pop-Up Tents:

One similar (yet cheaper!) pop-up tent alternative is the model from Amazon Basics.

This 10 foot x 10 foot folding tent has almost the exact same dimensions and provides virtually the same amount of shade. In addition, the package includes a convenient wheeled carrying bag, which also works well for storage.

Amazon Basics Pop-Up Tent 10 x 10

In fact, you might not really be able to tell the difference by looking at them.

  • Dimensions: 10 feet long x 10 feet wide
  • Weight:
  • Shade Area: 96 Square Feet
  • Posts: Angled
  • Fabric: Water Resistant
  • Package Includes: Stake Kit, Roll-Away Storage Bag
  • More Info on the Amazon Pop-Up Tent

In summary, your decision may come down to price or color. (I noticed that the Z Shade Everest blue tent costs significantly more than the other colors, at least on Amazon.)

Both models feature long-lasting, durable construction along with easy set-up and transportation. If you are shopping for a pop-up tent, I have no doubt that you will get your money’s worth out of either of these brands. Plus, you may find that you use them more often than you think. =)