Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo with Curtains – Best Party Setup

Do you want to create an area on your deck or patio where you can entertain outdoors year-round? This aluminum hardtop gazebo has a very functional design for all 4 seasons – plus it’s affordably priced!

Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo with Curtains and Mosquito Netting Included

Why I Think this Hardtop Gazebo Kit is Such a Great Deal:

1. First of all, the steel roof allows you to enjoy the outdoors even during rain. The heavy-duty structure stands up to wind and snow too, so you can use it like an extension of your house.

The 10 x 12 foot space can easily fit a dining table, patio conversation set or even a small sectional sofa. Some people even like to set up these gazebos around hot tubs.

2. Second, the package includes both side curtains and mosquito netting. The roof has a double track system already built in, so it’s simple to attach and hang the curtains.

See-Through Mosquito Netting Provides Protection While Under Gazebo, Yet You Can See Through It

The curtains help provide shade, wind or rain protection and privacy too. Enclose the entire structure, or just create sidewalls on a couple of sides.

Alternatively, the mesh panels quickly transform the shade structure into a screened gazebo safe from biting insects.

Note: Save money by assembling this structure yourself. Grab a friend, and you can have this gazebo put together in about 6 hours. You will need a ladder and Phillips screwdriver. Gloves and a drill are also recommended.

Sturdy Hardtop Gazebo has Well-Built Design:

How to Secure Posts to Deck/Patio/Concrete with Pre-Drilled HolesThe sturdy corner posts have extra bracing where they connect to the steel roof. In addition, they each have pre-drilled holes at the base so you can attach them securely to the ground.

It has a more permanent, built-in look as opposed to other less expensive portable pergolas. (Also check out the Chatham Hardtop Gazebo and the Pavilion Cedar Gazebo Kit.)

Although this gazebo weighs less than most hard top structures (under 250 lbs), it’s surprisingly strong and stable when completely set up. In fact, the metal roof can support up to 2,500 pounds of snow in wintertime.

The galvanized steel prevents rusting, plus the structure won’t fade either. In other words, this outdoor gazebo doesn’t require lots of maintenance.

Note: By the way, the graceful roofline not only is aesthetically pleasing to look at, it serves a purpose. The arc-shaped roof allows rain to easily flow off the structure and can even help release snow as it melts.

More Benefits of this Unconventional Roof Design:

Furthermore, the top has a “double roof” design with venting for adequate air flow. This helps keep the area underneath cooler on warm days while also keeping rain out.

Gazebo has 3 Ceiling Hooks for Hanging Lights, Fans, Speakers, etc..When fully assembled, you’ll notice that the gazebo has 3 U-shaped hooks on the interior ceiling. Therefore, you can easily hang an outdoor chandelier, lantern or string lights around the structure.

Alternatively, these hooks work well for hooking up battery operated fans, wireless speakers or other accessories. These heavy duty hooks can support a good amount of weight.

Specs for the Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo:

  • Dimensions: 12′ Long x 10′ Wide x 9.5′ Tall
  • Opening Height: 6.5′ Tall
  • Weight: 246 lbsDomi Hardtop Gazebo Kit with Curtains and Netting
  • Frame Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Roof: Galvanized Steel
  • Vented Double Roof
  • Snow Load: 2500 lbs
  • Wind Rating: 40 MPH
  • UV Protection
  • Color: Brownish-Grey
  • Curtains & Netting Included
  • Assembly Required
  • Installation Manual
  • Model: 10 x 12
  • Brand: Domi Outdoor Living
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Gazebo Kit

Note: Overall, I like the versatility and convenience that this outdoor gazebo provides. In addition, it doesn’t cost a lot of money, nor does it require lots of care or maintenance.

Its modern design and unconventional shape make it look more sophisticated, like something you’d see at a resort. That’s the way I like to relax in my own backyard!