Wooden Octagon Gazebo Kits – Simple Yet Impressive!

Do you want to create a comfortable backyard living space for relaxing, entertaining or dining? This wooden octagon gazebo allows you to design an outdoor living room, dining room or even cover a hot tub. Plus, you can assemble this kit yourself!

14-Step Wooden Octagon Gazebo Kits with Natural Cedar Wood and Brown Steel Hardtop Roof

I really like this cedar wood gazebo because it has an impressive, upscale look. However, the DIY package enables you to save some money, and the kit costs less than other hardtop gazebos.

The larger 13′ x 13′ size also makes the structure more versatile as far as how you set up your outdoor room. Plus, it can accommodate more guests. =)

How to Hang Curtains & Netting Around an Octagonal Gazebo:

Not only does this octagonal gazebo provide shade and rain protection during the day, but you can use it at night. The sturdy frame gives you an easy way to hang lights and even curtains.

Outdoor Gazebo Curtains with Velcro TabsThe structure already comes with double pipe bars an all sides of the gazebo top. Therefore, you can hang mosquito netting or drapes for shade, privacy, protection from insects, etc..

The area between each post measures 52″ wide and 81″ tall. These waterproof curtain panels fit perfectly, and they attach over the bars with simple velcro straps. No need to buy hooks, and you can get them in 8 different colors.

Sunjoy makes universal netting panels to fit their 10×10 and 13’x13′ gazebos. This 4-panel screen set covers all 8 sides of the octagon so you can fully enclose your outdoor room.

Octagonal Cedar Gazebo at Night with Hanging Chandelier and 2-Tier Roof Ventilation

Adding Light to Your Gazebo:

The ceiling also includes a center hook for suspending an outdoor chandelier or lantern.

Outdoor Chandelier with LED Candles, Battery-Operated, No Electrical Wiring NeededIf you want to continue with the rustic look and don’t want to hassle with wiring, you can opt for battery-operated candle chandeliers.

These self-contained lamps don’t take much time to install. Plus, they can often save you some money over a installing the wired version.

In addition, string lights and solar lanterns can add light and a festive look to your outdoor room.

How to Assemble the Octagon-Shaped Gazebo:

Pre-Cut, Pre-Drilled Cedar Gazebo KitYou will need a drill, hammer, screwdriver and a ladder for this project. The kit also includes a couple of wrenches and an Allen key. In addition, the manufacturer recommends having 4 helpers.

The assembly instructions/building plans are simple and straightforward. In fact, the instruction manual only involves 14 steps. Plus, all pieces come pre-cut and pre-drilled for your convenience.

For a timber frame backyard structure, this DIY project is as easy as it gets. Not to mention, the weatherproof materials require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Specs for the Wooden Octagon Gazebo Kit:

  • Dimensions: 13′ Diameter x 10.4′ Tall
  • Ground to Opening Height: 6.8′ Tall
  • Distance Between Posts: 4.3′ WideCedar Framed Octagonal pergola with Brown Steel Metal Roof
  • Post Dimensions: 5.7″ x 5.7″
  • Weight: 411 lbs
  • Frame: Cedar Wood
  • Frame Color: Natural Brown Finish
  • Roof: Powder Coated Steel
  • Parts Come Pre-Cut & Pre-Drilled
  • Requires Assembly
  • Instruction Manual
  • Model #: A102007900
  • Brand: Sunjoy
  • Customer Service: 866-578-6569
  • for Sale: Where to Buy the Gazebo Kit