Yardistry Cedar Pergola Kit – with Built-in Bar!

Do you want to create an outdoor room in your backyard, plus have a cocktail bar for serving guests? The Yardistry Cedar Pergola Kit gives you the complete easy-to-assemble structure. And, it comes with a built-in bar and overhead sun shade.

Yardistry Cedar Pergola Kit - With Built-in Bar

Pergola Cocktail Bar Makes Entertaining Easy:

First of all, I love this multi-functional walk-up bar. It provides a convenient countertop for pouring, mixing and serving drinks, plus an extra storage shelf below.

Cedar Pergola Bar for Outdoor EntertainingWhether you are serving food or drinks, this counter comes in handy. It makes entertaining so much easier, not to mention the bar is ideally located next to your outdoor living room.

And speaking of outdoor rooms, this cedar pergola provides ample space at 14 feet wide by 10 feet deep. Because its larger than many other gazebos or pergolas, it offers more versatility for entertaining.

For example you can comfortably fit an outdoor patio set with sofa and chairs. On the other hand, you can set up a table for 8, dining under the stars.

Detachable Sunshade Instantly Adds Extra Comfort:

Cedar Pergola DimensionsBy the way, the Charleston Pergola comes with a snap-on sunshade. Therefore, you can have a cool area to sit during the day and open it up to the stars at night.

The weather-proof wicking fabric has a breathable design, so it can keep the sun out while letting air flow through. Not to mention, it can dry out quickly if you have rain.

Wood Pergola Bar with Sun ShadeAltogether, this modern and sophisticated backyard structure makes it super easy to extend your living space to the outdoors.

Not only do you get a fun spot to hang out with friends and family, you essentially add an extra room onto your home!

I mean, that’s essentially an additional 140 square feet of living space, right?

How to Assemble the Cedar Pergola Kit:

This outdoor structure will take some time and effort to put together. However, more customers agree that this DIY home improvement project is easy.

For instance, the kit includes all of the components you need to put it together, including wood and metal hardware. The step-by-step instruction guide is easy to follow.

Plus, all of the lumber comes pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-finished. That takes a majority of the time-consuming work out right there.

You can check out the complete instruction manual here.

Note: You can install the bar counter and shelf on either one of the 10-foot sides. Therefore you have more versatility in the layout of your pergola.

Specs for the Yardistry Cedar Pergola:

  • Dimensions: 14′ Long x 10′ Wide x 8’2″ TallCharleston Cedar Pergola Kit with Built-in Cocktail Bar and Shelf
  • Weight: 458 lbs
  • Pergola Material: Premium Cedar Lumber
  • Color: Timber Grey Wood Stain
  • Assembly Required, Hardware Included
  • Model #: YM11762 (The Charleston)
  • Manufacturer: Yardistry
  • Phone: 1-888-509-4382
  • Get the Charleston Cedar Pergola Here

How to Care for a Cedar Pergola:

Pre-Finished Cedar Lumber on Outdoor Patio PergolaIn order to protect the wood from weather and maintain its look, you want to seal it.

The manufacturer recommends using a waterproofing wood protector or water sealant about 3 months after you assemble the structure. Thereafter, apply it annually.

Keep in mind that the lumber comes already pre-finished. Therefore, you can simply use a clear seal. Also, they don’t suggest using an oil-based sealer.

Sunjoy SummerCove Cedar Arched Roof Pergola with Built-in BarUpdate 2021: Check out the new version of this pergola with attached bar from Sunjoy, the SummerCove Pergola. It has the same dimensions, upscale style and deluxe features. However, it has a more arched roofline.