The Top 6 Portable Pergola Kits for 2020 [and Why…]

I was first attracted to portable pergolas (ie pergola kits) because I could set one up myself (well, with the help from a friend). I did not have to hire a contractor, and I did not have to pay upwards of $10,000.

Top 6 Portable Pergola Kits

Instead, I could save a bunch of money and do it myself. Plus, if I needed to, I could pick it up and move it (well, with the help from a friend).

Below are the top 6 portable pergola kits that I like the best. I call them kits because essentially they come in DIY packages that you put together yourself (with that friend of course).

I have listed them in no particular order, but each one has its own unique attributes that make it worth including. The best pergola for you will really depend on the features and design you are looking for. Hopefully this helps!

Belham Living Steel Pergola with Retractable Canopy

1. Belham Living Steel Pergola

Dimensions: 12′ Long x 10′ Wide x 8′ High
Color: dark brown frame, ivory canopy

I particularly like the Belham Living pergola because it has a retractable sliding canopy. This makes it ultra versatile, so that you can block out the sun from above and/or create privacy on 1 or 2 sides.

You can easily slide the fabric panels by hand, which makes it super simple to adjust even if you are in the middle of dinner. Hence, no more sun shining in your guests’ eyes or friends getting too hot from sun exposure.

The contemporary design is very modern and sophisticated looking. It’s great for a special event or celebration because it can easily dress-up the look of a backyard. And it’s only about $550.

In addition, I like the fact that this pergola is very lightweight and only weighs 50 pounds. Therefore, you can easily pick up and move it. To secure the posts, stake them in the ground or weight them down

Better Homes and Gardens Pergola Gazebo

2. Better Homes & Gardens Pergola Gazebo

I like that the BHG Pergola has a very finished look with its arched ceiling and hidden anchor system (the base of each post can be secured to a deck, and decorative “feet” conceal the bolts/screws). The canopy easily can be adjusted by sliding.

Compared to the Belham Living model above, the BHG weighs about 200 lbs. Although still light enough to be portable, its weight makes it much more sturdy. It’s priced at about $900.

Dimensions: 12′ Long x 10′ Wide x 7’6″ High
Color: dark brown frame, tan canopy

Dura-Trel Queensbrook Pergola

3. Queensbrook Pergola Kit

The Queensbrook Pergola (made by Dura-Trel) may appear to be a traditional, ordinary pergola – and in style, it is. However, it is made of maintenance-free vinyl and it only weighs 70 lbs.

The posts come with pre-drilled holes and ground anchors that allow homeowners to secure the post bases to the deck, patio or in-ground. Therefore, they can achieve the built-in look without spending thousands of dollars to do it. (How about $500?)

Do you wan to decorate your pergola? Then, this classic style may provide just what they are looking for. For example, you can attach outdoor curtains, string lights and lanterns to create a one-of-a-kind look for your backyard.

Dimensions: 9’6″ Long x 9’6″ Wide x 8′ High
Color: White

Yardistry Arched Roof Pergola

4. Yardistry Arched Roof Pergola

Dimensions: 12′ Long x 12′ Wide x 8′ High
Colors: grey or tub boat brown

If I had to pick a favorite on this list, this arched roof pergola would be it. It has an architecturally-elegant industrial style that makes an outdoor space really feel like a room.

This definitely is a stronger, sturdier model, made of pre-stained cedar and weighing in at almost 400 lbs. Therefore, you probably wouldn’t want to move around once you set it up. Since it is constructed of real wood and features a more complex frame, it does cost more: about $1300.

However, I included it on this list since it comes in a DIY kit that costs significantly less than hiring a deck builder to come out and add one. All necessary parts are included and the only tool that is needed is a drill.

By the way, this model is perfectly-sized for a portable hot tub, if you happen to have one. Also available is a custom-fit Sunbrella sunshade.

Coolaroo Constantine Pergola in 3 Colors

5. Coolaroo Constantine Pergola Kit

Dimensions: 9′ Long x 9′ Wide x 7’2″ High
Color: mocha, terra cotta or smoke

The Constantine Pergola made the list because of its good value. It has a simple design, is lightweight (about 55 lbs) and it includes a retractable canopy. Plus, it also comes in 3 different colors, and it only costs about $400.

However, the Constantine is smaller and shorter than other models. Therefore, this pergola would do best in a smaller backyard or beside a smaller home. It provides a great way to add some shade to a deck or patio and is simple enough to assemble in an afternoon.

Sawyer Cove Barrel Roof Gazebo

6. Sawyer Cove Barrel Roof Gazebo

Do you want a backyard structure that is not ordinary looking? The Barrel Roof Gazebo offers a combination pergola-gazebo structure with a unique design. Plus, it has an inexpensive price tag at about $570.

To fully appreciate it’s style, I’d place it in the center of a patio or backyard versus against the side of a house. It’s modern look lets it easily stand on its own.

Dimensions: 12′ Long x 10′ Wide x 8’6″ High
Colors: dark brown frame, natural green canopy