Sojag Wall Mounted Hardtop Gazebo – Is it a Good Deal?

Do you want a shade structure that you can attach to the side of your house? This wall mounted hardtop gazebo gives you a durable sun shelter that comes with both curtains and mosquito netting.

4-Season Wall Mounted Hardtop Gazebo Attaches to Side of House, Includes Curtains and Mosquito Net

This set-up allows you to create an outdoor room that you can use throughout the year in sun or rain. Essentially, you can add more living space to your home, which can also increase its value.

Note: Set up a dining area, outdoor living room, conversation space, game table, etc.. These outdoor spaces work great for entertaining or relaxing. Plus, they can be more convenient when connected to your house, as opposed to further away in the yard.

Gazebo has a Sturdy, Durable Design:

Besides the wall-attached design, the frame’s sturdy posts and roof make this gazebo ultra stable. The anchoring system allows you to easily secure the posts to a deck or concrete patio. Therefore, you don’t have to worry as much about wind or rain destroying your structure.

Powder-Coated Steel Roof Panels on Hardtop Gazebo Mounts to Side of House

That said, the manufacturer recommends removing snow if it accumulates on the rooftop. Otherwise, the Sojag Portland requires virtually no maintenance.

The powder coated frame and steel roof are rust and corrosion resistant. So, you can count on this gazebo looking good for a long time.

Aluminum Gazebo Frame with Simple Design for DIY AssemblyNote: Hardtop gazebos can be a great investment for a home, due to their long-lasting durability and permanent structure.

In addition, you can assemble the Portland Gazebo yourself, allowing you save thousands of dollars too. For example, Homewyse estimates the cost of materials and labor for a 120 square foot pergola to run between $10,000-$12,000.

Sojag Hardtop Gazebo Kit Includes:

  1. Aluminum Frame
  2. Steel Roof Kit
  3. Mosquito Netting
  4. Gazebo Curtains
  5. Instruction Manual

Easy-to-Use Curtains & Netting (Included!):

Hidden Double Track System to Hang Curtains and Mosquito Netting Around GazeboThe upper frame has a convenient double track system for hanging both the mosquito netting and outdoor curtains. Therefore, you can create additional shade, privacy and protection from bugs.

In addition, the rails are discreetly hidden behind the outer frame. As a result, the structure has a clean, upscale look. Plus, the brown curtains hide dirt well and match the color of the posts too.

Not to mention, the pre-installed rails and included curtain set makes installation super quick and easy.And, you can quickly hang or remove them as needed.

My Thoughts on the Portland Hardtop Gazebo:

Sojag Portland Outdoor Gazebo Mounted to Wall, Outdoor Living RoomGood Value: Overall, I like the sophisticated style of this wall-mounted gazebo. It has a modern almost industrial look to it that can add both functionality and visual appeal to a backyard.

Furthermore, it adds a more permanent outdoor room to your home, great for sofa sets, outdoor futons, outdoor kitchens and more…

In other words, I think you get more bang for your buck whether you want to add a porch, awning or outdoor shade shelter.

Less Maintenance: Plus, you don’t have to hassle with taking down overhead canopies or shade sails every year during winter. After installation, you really don’t have to worry about it, except for a buildup of heavy snow.

Save Money: You can save money by assembling this unit yourself. Plus, you only need a screwdriver, drill and the included hex key. That said, this project can take a few hours and requires 2 people at some stages.

Specs for the 10′ x 12′ Wall Mounted Hardtop Gazebo: