The Sawyer Cove Barrel Roof Gazebo: What Do I Think?

Do you want to add a shade canopy to your backyard, but you aren’t interested in an ordinary looking pergola or gazebo? Take a look at the Sawyer Cove Barrel-Roof Gazebo or look-alike grill shelter.

How to Create an Outdoor Room with a Barrel Roof Pergola

It has a unique, modern design without the high price tag of a custom built structure. According to the contractor network Networx, the lumber alone to build a gazebo can un upwards of $3000, and that doesn’t include labor.

Curved Roof Hardtop Cabana with Side Mesh CurtainsNote: If you like the barrel-shaped roof, but prefer a hardtop gazebo or net enclosure sides, Outsunny makes a curved-roof cabana that feels more like an outdoor room.

The heavy-duty top and frame give the gazebo more structural integrity. Plus, the curtains make it look more luxurious, like you’re vacationing at a resort.

What I Like About the Shape of this Pergola:

Compared to the standard square-shaped gazebo, the Barrel Roof version is rectangular measuring 12′ long x 10′ wide x 8.5′ tall. This makes it easier to create an outdoor living room that includes a sofa.

If you think about it, most decks and patios are built with a rectangular shape (vs square). Therefore, a rectangular structure can fit the space better and make it look more pleasing to the eye.

What I Like About the Pergola Design:

In addition, the sturdy steel frame features posts that are narrow. Usually, I prefer more thick and solid-looking posts, but this minimalistic design makes the canopied space feel larger and more spacious.

The open design comes in handy if you are entertaining lots of guests. It also helps with the flow of the outdoor space, making it easier to walk around without bumping into things.

The Pros and Cons of the Canopy:

The nice thing about the Sawyer Cove Gazebo is that the shade canopy is built in to the unit, so you don’t have to pay extra to buy one separately.

For some people, this canopy has a downside, in that it doesn’t retract. Therefore, you can’t pull back the roof shade to enjoy the sunshine or stars at night.

Note: The 2-part canopy of this gazebo provides more air flow, which can be welcoming on a warm summer day.

Note #2: The canopy color is a subtle olive-tan color. The photo doesn’t display it very well I don’t think. It looks more like tan in the photo.

Adding on to Your Gazebo?

In addition, you can place 2 units end to end to create an extra-long outdoor shade structure. For example, let’s say that you have a long deck or want to set up several tables in a row.

Yes, other gazebos and pergolas can be used this way but they may not look as nice. Just saying. =)

Assembly Manual & Instructions, it also comes with garden stakes so you can secure the gazebo to the ground.