3 Ways to Use a Pergola with a Swing Bed

If you want an outdoor daybed/lounger/swing in your backyard, you’ll love Backyard Discovery’s pergola with a swing bed (currently not available). (Or this cedar pergola swing too.) You basically get a multi-functional piece of furniture that enhances the look of your outdoor space…

Rustic Loveseat Swing with Log Frame and Adirondack Style Seat - on Sale

SALE: Rustic loveseat swing on sale today – and a fraction of the price of the swing bed. It doesn’t convert to a sleeper, but it sure makes a good spot for a nap!

You can also get it with an adjustable canopy for comfortable shade when you want it.

First of all, you get an extra-large 3-person chair swing set. Therefore, one person can comfortably spread out, or multiple people can sit together. (The structure supports up to 900 lbs.)

Backyard Discovery Pergola with Swing

Second, the back of the swing can recline flat to transform the seat into a bed. Sleep outside under the stars, sunbathe or simply take a nap in your backyard.

Wooden Pergola with Swing Bed and Cushions

Third, you can flip opposite seat ends up to create a double lounger where 2 people can face opposite each other. This creates a relaxed conversation spot where you can play cards in the afternoon or enjoy cocktails in the evening.

Backyard Discovery Pergola Lounger with Daybed

In other words, this deluxe arbor with built-in swing has lots of uses. Whether you set it up in the garden, poolside or on your porch, it will quickly become the new hang-out spot.

All-in-1 Pergola with Attached Swing Gives You More…for Less:

Do you want a pergola strong enough to hold a swing or hammock? Many cedar pergolas are very large and cost lots of money, while vinyl structures may not be able to support the extra weight.

This Claremont wooden swing stand eliminates the need to search for sturdy structure. Plus, the assemble-yourself package gives you the option of using it as a chair, a bed or a chaise lounge. Not to mention, you don’t have to build it from scratch yourself.

Claremont Wooden Pergola Swing

Note: The swing hangs from 4 ropes, which connect to chains and the roof of the pergola. This unique design allows for easy height adjustment of the swing, even after you have installed it.

How to Add a Canopy to Your Pergola Swing Bed:

Garden Winds Universal Shade Canopy to Fit Over Pergola Swing

This swing set does not come with a canopy or shade cover. However, you can purchase one separately. The top frame measures approximately 9’10” long by 6’10” wide, and I’ve found that the Garden Winds Universal Canopy fits well.

In addition, the shade cloth extends about 3 feet down each side to provide additional protection. Plus, the canopy corners have ties to secure the cloth to the posts. (You can also purchase weight rods separately if you live in a particularly windy area.)

Solar Globe String Lights to Hang on a Pergola Swing Set

Note: The overhead rafters provide the ideal spot for hanging solar string lights. Add some nighttime ambiance (and visibility) without having to wire electrical!

Claremont Pergola Swing VS Other Swings:

Backyard Discovery makes a smaller, cheaper version called the Odessa Pergola Swing (unavailable). However, the bench is shorter and the seat back doesn’t fold down into a bed.

Compared to an Adirondack porch swing, the Claremont is much more versatile, not to mention stable. Plus, it features the overhead arbor design which allows you to add shade to the space.

By the way, if you like the daybed-style swing but don’t need the bed stand, you can get the Savannah Porch Swing to hang from your roof overhang.

Specs for the Claremont Pergola with Swing Bed: