Are Pergola Curtains Worth the Money?

When it comes to outdoor home decor accessories, pergola curtains can make a big impact on the look and feel of a patio. In addition to adding style to a backyard space, outdoor curtains also add lots of functionality.

The Benefits of Adding Pergola Curtains: Privacy, Comfort and Style

4 Additional Benefits of Pergola Curtains:

  • Panels can provide shade in the morning or evening hours, blocking out excess brightness and even heat relief.
  • They can offer some wind protection, making it more comfortable for entertaining
  • Drapes create privacy, which can be really nice to have if your neighbors can easily see into your backyard.
  • The panels are able to protect furniture from the sun’s rays, which over time, can degrade outdoor furnishings after long hours in the sun.

4 Benefits of Using Outdoor Curtains

There are, of course, several outdoor curtains to choose from. My favorite ones are the Sunbrella outdoor curtain panels because they are well-made, they last a long time and they easily take the look of your outdoor pergola up a notch.

Outdoor Pergola Curtains in 19 Colors
It’s easy to agree simply by looking at the photo above. There is something about how this high-quality fabric hangs that makes it look like you have your own cabana at a resort or something.

In addition, we get the convenience of these panels being water repellent, fade resistant, mildew resistant and machine washable.

5 or 10 years from now, you’ll look back and really appreciate that you invested in Sunbrella curtains that seem to stand up to everything. Plus, they are super low-maintenance.

Are These Curtains a Good Value?

What’s interesting to note is that these curtain panels are actually made with commercial grade fabric. However, they are available to consumers at a price that won’t overwhelm you.

Outdoor Pergola Curtain PanelsYes, they are priced higher than other cheaper competitors who produce lighter weight versions that are not weatherproof. After a couple of years, you can really tell a difference in the quality. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t think they were worth it.

** That said, here are some 1/2 price outdoor curtain panels that are very good as well.

The Pergola Curtain Package:

The package includes 1 curtain panel with 1 matching tie-back as well as a storage bag if you plan on taking down the drapes during the winter or something.

Curtain Color Options:

Wheat, black, charcoal, navy, rust, true blue, antique beige, cilantro, dove, bamboo, pearl, sand, foster metallic, macaw green, mist, regency sand (striped), sheer snow, solana seagull (striped), bay brown


50″ wide x 84″ tall
50″ wide x 96″ tall
50″ wide x 108″ tall
50″ wide x 120″ tall

You’ll Need a Curtain Rod…

Note that the package does not come with a curtain rod. However, these grommet-style shades are very easy to hang on any standard curtain rod. I’ve listed a suggestion below.

Outdoor Curtain Rods in Brown & SteelThese outdoor curtain rods come in either a brown or steel color and a variety of adjustable lengths from 28″ to 144″.

The metal finish is weather resistant, just like the curtains. Therefore, be ready for easy care and low maintenance. They also give you the nice option of being ceiling or wall mountable. Just in case you are wondering, all of the hardware that you need comes in the package.

Because this curtain rod is easily detachable, it makes it really easy to take the curtains off to wash, move or pack for the winter. Plus, if your pergola is portable, you probably want your curtains to be too. =)

As you can tell by the top photo, these designed-for-the-outside drapes can really dress up a deck or even a front porch. Curtains have a way of making an outdoor room look plush, luxurious and inviting. No design experience needed!

Privacy Panels and Mosquito Netting

In addition, there are 2 other curtain options that I think are worth looking at: privacy panels and mosquito netting. Although not as attractive, they definitely offer comfort benefits.

Privacy Panel for Gazebos and PergolasThe 10′ Privacy Panel

This privacy panel looks similar to the pergola curtains above. It differs in that it costs significantly less (half the price for a wider panel). Plus, it has a middle zipper that secures the drapes together securely.

While the photo shows a gazebo, you can also use these curtains on a pergola as long as you have a rod or pole to hang it on. For that matter, it can be used on virtually any deck structure. It attaches with loop straps.

Mosquito Netting for Pergola or GazeboThis 10′ x 12′ Mosquito Netting is designed for use with gazebos. However, as long as your pergola has a canopy or enclosed rooftop, this attachable netting can help keep the bugs out.

Unlike the privacy panel above, this package includes all 4 sides. In addition, it has convenient zippers. Some gazebos include rods on which you can attach the netting. If your gazebo or pergola does have curtain rods, you will need to install some first.

DIY Outdoor Curtains for a Pergola

And lastly, who says you can’t make your own curtains? Choose your own fabric, design and color, and you can truly customize the look of your outdoor room…

For example, I have used mesh windscreen panels to create affordable outdoor curtains. The semi-transparent fabric is weather-resistant and has UV-protection, yet it allows some light through even if you choose a darker fabric.

The panels have eyelets and come with zip ties, so you can easily connect them to a pole or cable wire. On the other hand, you can get metal ring clips (like I did) for a more finished, upscale look.

Lastly, I sewed an open hem in the bottom of the curtain and strung a meal chain through it to weigh-down the fabric in the wind. You could also use curtain weights if needed.