Need a Portable Pop-Up Outdoor Winter Gazebo?

Do you want an all-weather portable pop-up structure that can protect you from wind, rain or snow? This outdoor winter gazebo sets up fast and retains heat well, plus it has walls of elegant windows so you can see out.

Outdoor Winter Gazebo has Pop-Up Design, Elegant Church Windows, Comes in 7 Colors and 4 Different Sizes

Why These Affordable Gazebos Work Really Well in Winter:

Compared to other gazebos with curtains, this model comes with “walls” that securely attach to the framework. As a result, you get better wind and rain protection. Plus, the interior of the gazebo can stay warmer in winter.

Furthermore, the sides feature large, clear church-style windows that let in lots of light. They also allow you to see out, so the interior area feels more spacious.

Outdoor Gazebo for Winter or Summer - with Sun, Rain and Wind Protection

As you can imagine, these winter gazebos work well for restaurants, gyms and even greenhouses. Plus, you can use them for catering events or grilling.

The sturdy rooftop frame also provides the perfect spot to attach battery operated ceiling fans or solar lights. So, you can easily create an outdoor living room on your deck, patio or pool area. Some people even use them to create cozy backyard theaters.

In addition, these gazebos provide the perfect protection and privacy for outdoor hot tubs. For example, many inflatable spas measure less than 8 feet across, so a 10’x10′ gazebo fits perfectly.

Adjustable Height Pop-up Tents Assemble in Minutes:

Like most pop-ups, this gazebo sets up quickly (you don’t even need any tools). This is what makes it so attractive for 1-day activities like sporting events, trade shows, tailgates, picnics, weddings and backyard parties. Just watch the short video clip below:

In addition, this pop-up tent has a cool feature in that it has adjustable legs. Therefore, you can extend the height of the ceiling to 3 different points and maximize shade throughout the day. For example, check out the diagram below of the 10′ x 10′ gazebo:

Winter Gazebo Dimensions Upright and Folded

Portable Gazebo is Easy to Transport:

Pop-up gazebos are not only easy to set up, but they are easy to transport as well. The frame folds up into an ultra-compact size (9″ x 9″ x 4′ long).

Gazebo Folded to Fit in a Compact Rolling Bag

In addition, each unit comes with its own carrier bag on wheels that you can easily roll to your desired location.

Plus, the bag (for the 10’x10′ gazebo) only measures 9″ square by 4 feet long. As a result, you can easily pack it in the trunk of your car. Not to mention, it takes up virtually no storage space in a closet or garage.

Note: The heavy-duty outer fabric is extremely durable and designed to last. Plus, you can stake down the gazebo posts to stabilize and secure the structure in windy conditions. (Stakes and weight bags come with the package.)

Pop Up Gazebo Features

Specs for the Outdoor Winter Gazebo:

  • 4 Size Options: 8×8, 10×10, 10×15 or 10×15
  • Dimensions: 120″ Square x 135″ Tall (10’x10′ size)
  • Bag Dimensions: 9″ Square x 4′ Tall (for 10’x10′ model)
  • Weight: Approximately 69 lbs (for 10’x10′ model)
  • Capacity: (for 10’x10′) Fits 8-10 People
  • Frame: Steel
  • Material: 500 Denier UPF50+ Fabric
  • 7 Color Options: White, Blue, Green, Beige, Burgundy, Black or Grey
  • Manufacturer: ABC Canopy
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Winter Gazebo