Why are Outdoor LED Curtain Lights Better?

The Sunjoy Siesta Garden Iron Pergola is different from many other pergolas on this site in that it is not designed to provide shade. It has a more decorative appeal with the unique scroll work frame, and if you wanted to vine plants on it, you could.

Outdoor LED Curtain Lights on Pergola

A pergola makes a perfect spot for outdoor curtain lights. The pergola provides the structure on which you can easily hang these string lights. At the same time, the lights themselves create a sort of wall or curtained divide to enhance the outdoor living room space.

Did You Catch the Neat Pergola Light Trick?

You would need to get several packages of lights to surround the entire pergola. However, did you notice that not all sides are enclosed? That’s right. You can achieve virtually the same effect without having to buy as many lights as you thought.

Why Curtain Lights are Better than Other String Lights

I personally like curtain lights because they are so festive. They can produce a fun, party atmosphere but they can also create a romantic backdrop too. There are lots ways to use them.

You can use them year round, even the outdoor version. On a backyard pergola, you can enjoy them while outdoors, and the view from inside as well.

I think of it like decorating the house with Christmas lights during the holidays. However, come January, your neighbors won’t get angry if you decide to leave the up for the rest of the year.

Energy Efficient LED Bulbs

As many fairy lights are these days, the curtain lights have LED bulbs, so running them year-round won’t cost a bunch of money. They are very energy efficient while also giving off a lot of light and having a long life.

The exact numbers: 304 cool white led lights use a total of 9 watts

Only 1 Power Outlet Needed

Another nice feature of these lights is that they have a linkable design. Each package includes an additional female plug so that you can get multiple packages (connect up to 5) and extend the light around your pergola or gazebo.

Curtain Lights Diagram

Another cool aspect of these curtain lights is that they come with 8 different modes. In addition to having a steady stream of light, you can also choose combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/ flash, slow fade and twinkle/flash.

The lights are indoor/outdoor lights, so they can be used outside. That said, the controller is not waterproof, so it should be used with weatherproof receptacle cover when used outdoors.

The Package Includes:

  • 1 SurLight Window Curtain Light
  • 1 Controller

Specs on Outdoor LED Curtain Lights:

Curtain Lights Set

  • LED Color: Cool White
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 9W
  • LED Quantity: 304
  • String Quantity: 16 strings/ set
  • LED Quantity of Each String: 19 LEDs / string
  • Size: 3M (9.8ft) x 3M (9.8ft)
  • Interval between strings: 0.18m (7inch)
  • Plug wire to the controller: 1.5m
  • Cable color: Transparent White