Luxury Teepee Glamping Tents + 3 Ways to Use Them…

Are you looking for luxury teepee glamping tents that you can use for camping or relaxing at home in your backyard? These extra-large outdoor teepees are ultra versatile, super comfortable and very sturdy…

Stella Luxury Teepee Tent with Transparent Roof

Note:You can set up these unique tents in a number of different ways. As a result, you can get a lot of use out of them – and they cost less than most shade structures of equal size.

Not to mention, they pack up in a surprisingly small carry bag for easy transport. (Although the teepee kit does weigh over 100 lbs.)

3 Ways to Set Up Your Teepee Tent:

1. First of all, you can assemble the glamping tent with roof and walls closed. This setup keeps you well protected from the outdoor environment, including rain and up to 50 mph wind gusts.

The military grade canvas fabric is thick, sturdy and waterproof. Plus, the fully-enclosed floor helps keep you dry and protected as well. Design an outdoor living room, lounge area or a bedroom where you can “camp out” all summer long.

Wood Burning Stove Warms Space Inside Teepee tentNote: You can even use a wood-burning stove inside these luxury glamping tents. The ceiling has a built-in stove jack to accommodate a 6″ stove pipe.

Take this teepee camping, or set it up in your yard as a spare bedroom for overnight guests. At over 9 feet tall in the center, there’s room to stand. Plus, the over 200 square feet of space makes it feel more like a bedroom than a campground tent.

Luxury Teepee Glamping Tents for Entertaining, Parties, Camping

2. Alternatively, you can unzip and roll up the side walls to allow more ventilation on warm days. Or, you can just unzip the mesh screened windows and doors.

This setup works great for camping because you can keep mosquitos out without feeling like you’re closed in. Similarly, you can enjoy spending more time outdoors at home while being protected from pests, sun, rain, wind, etc..

3. The built-in screens enable you to get a comfortable wind flow while keeping bugs and critters out. However, you can also unroll and open the mesh screens to allow pets to come and go as they like.

Note: The teepee even has a spot designed to bring in power cords for electrical or solar gadgets. You can also hang lights on the center pole hooks.

Take Outdoor Camping Up a Level with Comfort & Convenience:

Note: The clear ceiling panes are one of the main attractions of this tent. You can easily stargaze at night from bed, and the “skylights” keep the teepee light and bright during the day.

That said, these upper windows can be closed off using the included ceiling curtain. In other words, you can get privacy or shade when you want it.

Inside a Glamping Teepee Tent with See-Through Ceiling

And don’t forget that adding a stove can keep your teepee extra cozy in cooler temperatures. Plus, the large space feels ultra luxurious compared to regular camping.

Besides all of the cool features and functions of this glamping teepee, the framework is really well made. From the military-grade fabric to the ultra-strong rebar stakes and easy-to-tighten guy lines, you won’t have to worry about this tent falling down. In fact, the specially-designed poles on the outer wall prevent the ceiling from sagging too.

Turn your camping trips, outdoor excursions or your backyard into resort-style experiences. Now, you don’t have to pay high prices for high end glamping vacations, you can create your own!

Glamping Teepees VS Yurts VS Tipi Tents:

If you like the idea of a yurt but don’t want to pay upwards of $10,000, these deluxe teepee tents offer a low-cost alternative. The average yurt structure costs significantly more.

Portable Outdoor Tipi Tenf for Camping, Parties, Special EventsThat said, today’s yurts are typically more structurally sound than luxury tents for glamping. Plus, many contain actual window and door frames.

On the other hand, a glamping tent is much larger and luxurious than a traditional outdoor tipi. The structure is also much more sturdy and the fabric more durable.

These luxury teepees give you the best of both worlds. You get a heavy-duty sturdy structure with a nice cost savings compared to a yurt. Furthermore, these teepees are much easier to transport, set up and take down than the yurt framework. At the same time, their larger size and deluxe features make them more versatile than a small tent.

Need a Larger Teepee Tent to Fit More People?

You can also get the Stargazer Bell Tent in a larger 19-foot size (vs 16 feet). It comes with the same features, however, it provides 75 additional square feet of floor space. (Room for 2 king beds or 12 sleeping bags as compared to 2 queen beds or 8 sleeping bags.)

Larger 19-Foot Glamping Tent

The price difference is about $250, but if you have a large family or entertain a lot in your backyard, the extra space may be well worth the cost.

Specs for the 16-Foot Glamping Tents:

  • Dimensions: 16′ Diameter x 9’8″ Tall at Center
  • (Also Comes in a Larger 19-Foot Size)
  • Staked: 25-30′ Diameter Including Guy Lines
  • 212 Square Feet Interior Space
  • Fits 2 Queen Beds or 8 Sleeping Bags
  • Outer Wall Height: 29.5″ Tall
  • Packed Size: 45″ Long x 15″ Diameter
  • Weight: 111 lbs
  • Material: 100% Natural Cotton Canvas (390 gsm)
  • Waterproof, Fire-Resistant
  • Transparent PVC Roof (UV-Protected)Stella Luxury Teepee Tent with Transparent Roof
  • Galvanized Steel Center & Door Poles
  • Aluminum Outer Support Poles
  • 4 Screened Windows (screens can open)
  • Includes Waterproof Storage Bag with Straps
  • Requires Assembly
  • Brand: LifeTents
  • Warranty: 30 MONTHS with Lifetime Support
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Teepee Tents