Log Cabin Gazebo Kit – Assemble in 1 Day or Less…

Do you want a rustic log cabin gazebo for your backyard? You can buy them as easy-to-follow DIY kits and construct them in 1 day or less. Plus, you can customize the materials and size to meet your needs and design preferences.

Log Cabin Gazebo Kit - Order Online, Customize Your Outdoor Structure

1. Choose Your Log Cabin Size:

First of all, you can select from over 40 different sizes/dimensions. For example, you can get a small 8 foot by 10 foot cabin as shown above.

On the other hand, you can build a large structure that measures up to 20′ wide x 40′ long. This gives you approximately 800 square feet of shaded outdoor space, which you can have completely screened in if you want.

2. What Shape Gazebo Do You Want?

Second, you can actually choose from different shaped gazebos. Fifthroom’s Design Wizard allows you to choose octagonal, hexagonal and oval-shaped structures in addition to the square and rectangular cabins.

As a result, you can truly customize your log cabin gazebo to fit your property. Plus, the activities you want to use it for.

3. Frame & Roof Options for Your Gazebo Cabin:

5 Stain Color Options for Log Cabin FrameThird, Fifthroom offers 5 different structural materials to choose from (white cedar, red cedar, vinyl, treated pine and rough cut cedar). You can also choose to have the wood unstained or pre-stained (with 5 different stain color choices).

In addition, kits offer 3 different roof types (30-year asphalt shingles, metal or cedar shake). On top of that, the asphalt shingles have 5 different color options.

Building Material Options:

  • White Cedar
  • Red Cedar
  • Rough Cut Cedar
  • Treated Pine
  • Vinyl6 Asphalt Shingle Colors for Log Gazebo

Roof Options:

  • Asphalt Shingles (grey, charcoal, brown, vintage green, earthtone or black)
  • Metal (brown, black, red, white, green, grey)
  • Cedar Shake

4. Screened Gazebo VS No Screen:

Finally, you get to choose to have your backyard log cabin screened or unscreened. This keeps bugs out, as well as other critters, and makes the gazebo feel more enclosed like a cabin.

Screened Log Cabin Style Gazebo to Keep Out Insects

Note: The company ships these log cabin kits worldwide, with complete step-by-step instructions for assembly. You will need at least 2 people to put a structure together (depending on the size), plus some basic household tools (nothing fancy, as the pieces come pre-cut).

On the other hand, you can request to have these cabin style gazebos shipped already assembled for convenience. You’ll just need a flat piece of land on which to set them up.

Specs for the Log Cabin Gazebo Kit:

    Log Cabin Kit for Backyard

  • Dimensions: 40+ Sizes 8’x8′ to 20’x40′
  • Shape: Rectangular, Oval, Octagon, Hexagon
  • Material: Cedar, Pine or Vinyl
  • Roof: Asphalt Shingles, Metal, Cedar Shake
  • Unstained or Semi-Transparent Stain
  • No Screen or Fully Screened
  • Pre-Cut Wood
  • All Hardware, Instructions Included
  • Assembly Required (or request gazebo come pre-assembled)
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the DIY Log Gazebo