Laguna Cabana Corner Pergola Kit – Is it a Good Deal?

Do you want to add a seating area in your backyard with privacy and shade? The Laguna Cabana Corner Pergola Kit (currently out of stock) makes it easy, plus it features a modern, custom-built look.

Endark Corner Pergola with Blue  Cushion Sofas, Privacy Walls and Overhead Shade - Cheaper than Laguna Corner Pergola

Note: You can get very similar version here for about 1/2 the price and save over $1,000! It’s about 1 foot shorter in length and width, but it comes with all the same accessories (table, cushions, etc..)

However, this outdoor structure doesn’t just increase the functionality of your backyard. In addition, this corner pergola can create an impressive focal point. Not to mention, it may even improve the value of your home.

Corner Pergola Kit with Built-in Sofas and Table

How is the Laguna Cabana Different from Other Per Pergola Kits?

Unlike other pergolas, the Laguna Cabana includes seating, a table and slatted privacy walls. Therefore, you can save money because you don’t have to buy furniture.

The video below gives a quick overview of the features, including how the wood, cushions and frame look up close. Plus, you can get some ideas of using for nighttime entertaining…


Note: The horizontal cedar slats also conveniently double as a wind break. Plus, you can use them to support climbing vines for unique rustic or vineyard look. Want some really great fragrance? Think clematis, wisteria or my favorite, jasmine.

Additionally, the contemporary open-concept design creates a more inviting feeling. It also doesn’t limit your outdoor room to the area between 4 posts.

Consequently, a triangle pergola offers more versatility and can fit in more spaces. For example, it typically fits better in smaller yards next to a pool or next to the house.

Top View of Laguna Cabana Pergola

On the other hand, the open side offers a larger-than-normal entertaining area compared to square or rectangular pergolas.

The seating feature works really well next to a fire pit or hot tub. Not only do you have built-in sofas, but you get a privacy screen that makes the corner feel cozier.

Corner Table Built-in to Pergola

Note: By the way, the thick, oversized Sunbrella cushions and exotic Meranti wood tabletop give this seating area a truly upscale look.

Not to mention, the ultra-durable wood and fabric will last an extra-long time with minimal care.

Pergola Assembly Made Easier!

Corner Pergola Assembly Instructions

You can download an assembly manual for the structure. The plans includes step-by-step instructions along with useful detailed pictures.

Lumber comes pre-stained, pre-drilled and pre-cut, which makes the whole job easier. (Not to mention, faster.)

In addition, the package includes Safe-T-Fuse hardware braces to secure the posts and beams together. As a result, you get a really safe, secure fit without having to really know what your doing.

Tools you’ll need include a level, hammer, drill (with a concrete drill bit), wrench, measuring tape and ladder. Plus, having a friend to help you will make this project much easier.

Save Money – But Get Upgraded Materials?

Note: This DIY kit can save you money over hiring a contractor for custom build. However, don’t assume that you’re getting lower-quality materials because you’re paying less…

Close up of Stained Cedar Wood Corner Pergola

For example, the reinforcing brackets, extra-wide posts and durable wood give you a sophisticated, long-lasting structure. (Posts measure 5.5″ x 5.5″.) Plus, you get durable resin post feet to stop ground moisture from creating decay.

Furthermore, the included concrete anchors add an extra level of stability.

In other words, the manufacturer has really paid attention to the details, making your job worry-free. =)

Does the Corner Pergola Come with a Canopy?

Triangle Sun Shade for Roof of Corner Pergola

This pergola does not come with a canopy, nor have I found one to fit the unique triangular shape. However, you can try using a sunshade.

The 9’x9’x9′ size will cover most of the trellis roof, although not completely. (The 2 shorter sides measures just over 7 feet, and the long side measures just over 10 feet long.)

Specs for the Laguna Cabana Corner Pergola Kit:

  • Dimensions: 122.75″ Diagonal x 86.75″ Wide x 90.30″ Tall
  • Base Measurements: 10′ 5″ Long x 7′ 4.25″ Wide
  • Bench Length: 57.25″ Long
  • Weight: 593 lbs
  • Material: Pre-Stained Cedar
  • Pergola Color: Barnwood Stain
  • Brackets: Black, Powder-Coated Steel
  • Includes Sunbrella Cushions (resist mold & fading)
  • Assembly Required
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Model #: 2006539
  • Manufacturer: Backyard Discovery
  • Phone: (800) 856-4445

Another Option: the Alcove White Vinyl Pergola:

Alcove Corner Pergola in White Vinyl

Alternatively, you can opt for a white Alcove vinyl corner pergola. This kit will cut the cost down significantly. However, you don’t get the built-in seating, cushions, table, cedar wood or privacy screens.

That said, the cheaper Alcove pergola does offer a nice option for small patios or decks. Especially if your home has white trim to match.