What I Think About the Siesta Garden Iron Pergola

The Sunjoy Siesta Garden Iron Pergola is different from many other pergolas on this site in that it is not designed to provide shade. It has a more decorative appeal with the unique scroll work frame, and if you wanted to vine plants on it, you could.

Siesta Garden Iron Pergola on Patio with Vines

The Benefit to No Shade

Siesta Garden Iron Pergola with Mountains in the BackgroundA big benefit to not having a shade canopy is that this unit is super low maintenance. The powder-coated finish also keeps the steel from rusting. Plus, it is lighter in weight than most other models (209 lbs), so 4 people can easily lift and move it if necessary.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your backyard has gorgeous scenery or a beautiful backdrop, you may not want a canopy getting in the way. With the Siesta Garden Pergola, you can see right through it while still enjoying a backyard structure

Perfect for Vining Plants

Backyard Pergola Covered with Morning Glory Vines
courtesy of http://balconygardenweb.com
Of course, if you DO want a shading pergola, just add vining plants! According to BalconyGardenWeb.com, some of the best vining plants for pergolas include bougainvillea, morning glory, ivy, trumpet vine, wisteria, jasmine, honeysuckle, clematis and grape vine.

As you can see, a structure can get completely covered by the foliage of a healthy thriving plant. You can also get the benefit of seasonal flowers that add color and fragrance to your patio.

According to HGTV, annual climbers are typically faster climbers and can give you faster coverage. They also have the advantage of creating shade in the summertime while letting in the sun during the winter months.

Sophisticated and Elegant for Parties and Special Events

Due to the ornate design of this powder-coated iron structure, it works really well at framing outdoor spaces, such as living rooms or dining areas. It is sophisticated and elegant without the $1,500+ price tag that you’d expect. This iron pergola is so nice to look at that people enjoy viewing it from inside the house!

Siesta Garden Iron Pergola

The Siesta Garden provides an easy way to dress up your backyard without having to think much (or buy lots of work-intensive decorations!). People like this unit for events like weddings, garden parties, graduations, etc.. It’s simple, versatile and stylish.