How to Get a Deal on an Extra Large Pergola…

Do you want to create an outdoor living room or dining area in your yard? Why get a standard pergola when you can get an extra large pergola for about the same price?

Extra Large Outdoor Pergola with Green Canopy Shade Cover - Can Fit Dining Table for 6 People

For example, the large metal pergola above measures 13 feet long by 10 feet wide. In comparison, a regular size structure of the same design measures approximately 9 feet by 9 feet.

In other words, you get an extra 50 square feet of floor space to work with when creating your outdoor room. You get a lot more versatility, not to mention more shade, with the larger version. Plus, for the same price, it’s a no-brainer, right?

large Outdoor Metal Pergola Dimensions and Footprint

Pros & Cons of this Metal Pergola Kit:

Easy Installation:

First of all, this lightweight outdoor structure sets up fast with easy-to-follow instructions. In addition, 2 people can easily pick it up and move it from one spot to another in the backyard.

Furthermore, you can disconnect the posts and beams and transport the structure to an entirely different location. For example, you can use it for a party, wedding or special event.

The Problem with a Lightweight Structure:

Pergola Posts Can Attach to Concrete Patios and Wooden DecksHowever, the lighter weight design means that it will be affected more by wind and snow. Therefore, you will want to secure the post bases to your patio or deck to keep the structure secure.

Fortunately, this kit has “feet” at the bottom of the posts that allow you to secure the pergola to a concrete patio or a wooden deck.

As you can see in the photo, each base has 4 holes through which you can drill bolts or screws.

Note: The metal posts are not adjustable in height. Therefore, make sure that the area of installation is flat.

Moreover, you’ll want to remove the overhead canopy during the winter or heavy storms and store it inside. Doing this will also help the shade last longer.

What I Like About the Canopy:

Speaking of the canopy, the overhead panel comes with a very convenient handle that lets you open and close the shade fabric with ease. Therefore, you can enjoy shade on a hot sunny day and then retract the canopy to watch the stars at night.

The Frame is Sturdy, but Limited:

Even though the aluminum metal frame is strong and sturdy, it cannot support a hammock like solid wood posts can. Therefore, if you want a pergola specifically for hanging a hammock, you may want to check out this Cedar Wooden Pergola Kit.

Large Pergola with Retractable Beige Canopy

Having said that, the upper beams can support privacy curtains, lanterns and pergola decorations like string lights.

Specs for the Morgan Extra Large Pergola:

  • Dimensions: 10′ Wide x 13′ Long x 7’9″ Tall
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Frame Construction: Aluminum Metal, Dark Grey
  • Canopy Material: UV Resistant
  • 2 Color Options: Beige and Blue
  • Assembly Required
  • Brand: Kozyard
  • Phone: (866) 355-0018
  • Get the Large Pergola Kit with Canopy Here

The Morgan Pergola features a classic design that works well with virtually any style home. Plus, the extra large size makes it easy to create an impressive focal point in your backyard.

Note: Many people prefer portable pergolas because they provide an affordable means of creating a backyard retreat that feels like you’re on vacation. Not to mention, adding a functional outdoor room to your home can increase its value and usability.