EasyGo Cabana – Pros and Cons, Review & Comparison…

Do you want a beach tent that provides more shade than an umbrella – but is lighter than a pop-up? The EasyGo Cabana is lightweight, spacious and strong. Plus, it sets up fast!

EasyGo Cabana Beach Tent

In addition, you can use this beach cabana in various ways (not just at the beach). For instance, you can take it on camping trips, to sports events or use it by the pool in your backyard.

As a result, you can use it more often and really get your money’s worth. Just leave it in your car and have instant shade whenever you need it!

Zshade Portable Gazebo Goes Camping, to Soccer Games, Swim Meets, Picnics and MoreNote: The height of this portable cabana tent measures 6 feet at the center. Therefore, it’s designed more for sitting and lounging underneath rather than standing. If you need a taller structure, check out the 10×10 Pop-Up Gazebo that is 9’6″ tall.

EasyGo Beach Cabana Package Includes:

  • Fiberglass Ribs
    Get the tight, lightweight structural design of an umbrella or tent with these lightweight and strong fiberglass ribs. Very effective without being cumbersome or heavy.

  • Aluminum Pole and Sand Stake
    Add strength to the 4 legs with the center post. Plus, you can easily screw the stake into the ground (no big muscles needed!).

  • Roof Wind VentTop Wind Vent on Beach Tent to Keep Structure Stable
    This top vent enables air flow while also stabilizing the rooftop, thus making it “wind-resistant”. In other words, wind can pass rough rather than pushing the cabana around.

  • 4 Mini Sandbags on Corners
    Add weight to the tent legs without having to haul a heavy load with you. Just use the sand at the beach to secure the EasyGo Cabana in minutes with these built-in sand bags.

  • Storage Pockets on 4 Posts
    Now you can keep your sunglasses, phone, keys etc.. off of the ground and within easy reach. Not to mention, these compartments can help you prevent small items from getting lost.

  • 4 Stakes for Dirt/GrassEasyGo Beach Cabana in Carrying Bag
    These stakes make the structure extra secure when you don’t have sand around. Therefore, you can use it when you go camping, to the park or even your own backyard.

  • Carrying Bag
    This tent bag conveniently has a shoulder strap, so you can transport your cabana and still have your hands free. In addition, it provides a handy storage case when you’re not using it.

EasyGo VS Cool Cabana & Qibi:

These 2 beach tents have a very similar design. However, the CoolCabana measures 8×8 as compared to 6×6. You can also buy it in a few more colors.

However, CoolCabanas don’t include grass stakes (you can purchase them separately). Plus, it’s not available yet as I write this review.

Qipi offers the cheapest 6×6 beach shelter and comes in a variety of colors/patterns. It also includes a side shade wall, but it doesn’t have cup holders. (And yes, the package includes a wind vent, sand bags, side pockets and grass stakes.)

Qipi Cheap Portable Beach Cabana

How to Set Up the EasyGo Cabana Beach Tent:

The instructional video below shows how to set up the EasyGo Cabana in minutes. In fact, setup is so simple that one person can do it.

As you can see, the center post and 4 sandbags keep this beach tent more secure than a standard umbrella. Plus, the wind vent at the top allows wind to easily pass through without blowing the roof around.

Not to mention, it gives you places to store your drinks and phones off the ground and away from the sand. =)

Beach Cabana Dimensions

Specs for the 6′ x 6′ EasyGo Cabana:

  • Dimensions: 6′ Square x 6′ Tall at Center
  • 4’6″ from Ground to Valance
  • Packed Size: 58″ Long x 6″ Diameter
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs6x6 EasyGo Beach Tent with Blue and White Strips
  • Material: Polyester Fabric
  • Double-Stitched Strength
  • 3 Colors: Blue, Blue & White Stripe or Floral
  • Qipi has Turquoise Pineapple & More Designs
  • 100% UV Resistant
  • Waterproof Material
  • Includes Storage/Carry Bag
  • Set-Up Instructions: User Manual
  • Model: 6×6
  • Manufacturer: EasyGo Products
  • Phone: 949-398-8481
  • For Sale: Where to buy the Portable Beach Cabana