Hardtop Grill Canopy & the Affordable Outdoor Kitchen

Do you want an affordable shade structure or gazebo for your backyard BBQ? This Hardtop Grill Canopy provides the perfect shelter for grilling, plus you get shelves, serving tables and a place to hang lights too…

The Best Affordable Low Maintenance Hardtop Grill Canopy?

Furthermore, this multi-functional grilling gazebo comfortably fits a standard barbecue without overwhelming your backyard. For example, it measures 8 feet wide and just 5 feet deep, so you can even fit an extra food prep table in there.

Is a Hardtop Canopy Better than a Pergola or Gazebo?

This hardtop canopy is designed specifically for cooking on the BBQ. In other words, it makes grilling more fun for the chef.

Grill Hardtop Posts Stake Securely to Ground, Yet Structure is Light Enough to MoveThe open air structure provides excellent visibility, shade and ventilation. In addition, the built-in countertops and steel frame provide plenty of space to store food prep items and serve food.

Moreover, the lightweight, non-permanent design allows you to easily move the canopy when you want. However, the steel posts have footings with holes and stakes, so you can secure the structure to the ground.

Note: On top of that, the modern, aesthetically-pleasing design gives this shade structure a sophisticated look.

Indoor/Outdoor Metal Barstools Turn Grilling Gazebo into Comfortable Outdoor Kitchen and Bar for GuestsIn other words, you get an upscale-looking grilling gazebo without having to pay a high price.

You could even add a few stools for guests, outdoor dining or a bar area. Talk about multipurpose!

4 Advantages of the Polycarbonate Hard Top Canopy:

The 2-tier polycarbonate top on this grill structure has several advantages over fabric canopies or even other plastic materials.

1. Gazebo Hard Tops Last a Long Time:

First of all, this “thermoplastic” is strong and flexible. Therefore, this durable material will last a long time, even when exposed to ongoing sun and weather elements.

Note: These hard tops require less maintenance and upkeep, plus they don’t need replacing like canvas tops. Not to mention, they look good for a long time because the plastic doesn’t fade.

2. Transparent Top Provides Shade & Light Simultaneously:

Polycarbonate UV Protection on Grill CanopySecond, polycarbonate sheets have a level of transparency. As a result, they allow light through while still providing some shade and 99% UV protection.

Not only does the chef get some well-deserved shade, but the curved hardtop provides a supporting frame for lights at night.

Some people even attach small speakers from the overhead bars.

3. Double Tier Roof Design Provides Additional Structural Integrity:

The 2-tier design of the roof allows for comfortable ventilation. Furthermore, the structured air flow prevents wind from affecting the canopy, since it blows right through the gap.

Better Grill Canopy Ventilation with 2-Tier Rooftop Design

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about water accumulation on the roof. Rainwater just rolls right off the arched top.

4. Save Money with Durable, Yet Cheaper Materials:

And lastly, the pliability of the material allows for easier molding and shaping without cracking. Consequently, its ease-of-use and affordability help to lower cost for consumers. =)

Plus, you save even more money by not having to replace a fabric canopy every few years. And, you don’t have to re-paint the metal frame like you would a wood frame.

Specs for Double Tier Hardtop Grill Canopy: