Save Money with a Swan Gazebo Canopy + 5 Key Benefits

Do you want to upgrade the look of your backyard without spending a lot of money? The Swan Gazebo Canopy has a sophisticated modern design. However, it costs less than $300!

Swan Gazebo Canopy

Although I wouldn’t leave this shade structure outdoors all year round in harsh weather conditions, it sure offers lots of benefits that make it worth looking at.

1. You Can Save Money on an Outdoor Shade Structure

First of all, the Swan Canopy is a cheap gazebo. I mean, you can easily pay upwards of $200 for some generic similar-sized pop up tents.

Why not buy something unusual that looks more expensive, right? Even though the Swan Gazebo isn’t as portable as a pop-up tent, you may not need it to be if you just want to use it throughout the summer in your yard.

2. Easy Set-up and Installation

Canopy Gazebo Assembly Instructions DiagramSecond, this backyard gazebo sets up easily. You can take on this easy DIY home improvement project yourself and have it done in a couple of hours.

Not to mention, it weighs under 100 lbs. Therefore, you can conveniently adjust the location if you need to.

3. You Can Easily Move this Gazebo

Third, speaking of switching locations, I still consider this shade structure portable. For example, you can disassemble it and take it somewhere for a party or special event.

You get a lot more versatility with this outdoor canopy because you can use it in various locations. In other words, you don’t have to buy multiple shade structures for different uses.

4. This Swan-Shaped Canopy has an Upscale Look

Fourth, the unique and elegant design of the Swan Canopy lends itself to more upscale events, such as outdoor weddings, graduations or corporate functions.

That said, the large 12 foot by 12 foot size lets this portable shade canopy work as a temporary parking cover.

Gazebo Canopy Features

Note: By the way, the Swan canopy is constructed of a durable water resistant, fade resistant and UV blocking PA Polyester fabric.

PA (Polyamide) has greater strength and durability than standard polyester material, so it is more frequently used in industrial applications. However, PA absorbs water more than regular polyester and it typically costs more.

5. The Swan Canopy Provides a Lot of Shade

Fifth, even though this backyard canopy costs under $300, it is not small. In fact, it provides significantly more shade than an 8′ x 8′ or 10′ x 10′ model.

You can easily fit an outdoor living room or dining area under this tent. And with the money you save, you can afford cooler furniture!

Gazebo Canopy

Specs for the Swan Gazebo Canopy:

  • Frame Dimensions: 12′ Long x 12″ Wide x 8.8′ Tall (at highest point)
  • Weight: 88 lbs
  • Canopy Dimensions: 12 Feet Long x 12 Feet WideSwan Gazebo Canopy
  • Fabric: 250g/m2 PA Polyester
  • Canopy Color: Beige
  • Frame Material: Powder-Coated Iron
  • Pole Diameter: 2.2″ Across
  • Model #: MY011
  • Assembly Required
  • Manufacturer: Mefo Garden
  • Buy the Swan Gazebo Here