3 Different (& Easy) Ideas for Pergola Lighting

There are a variety of ways that you can light up an outdoor pergola, and the project can actually be quite simple. A pergola lighting “job” typically involves minimal tools or skills, if any.

Pergola Lighting with Lanterns on Patio
Outdoor hanging lanterns are functional & add ambiance

If you have an electrical outlet nearby, you can plug in hanging lamps, chandeliers or string lights. On the other hand, you can also use solar lanterns and lights, as well as battery-operated versions. You can even use candles.

Solar Pergola LanternYou want to start by looking at your light usage needs.

  • Do you simply want to light up your pergola structure at night for outdoor ambiance?
  • Have you set up an outdoor room that needs light for evening entertaining?
  • Do you prefer pergola light fixtures that provide function (ie. lighting up a walkway) or would you rather have festive or mood lighting?
  • Are you looking for interesting chandeliers or lanterns that will look attractive during the day as well?

Keep in mind that many outdoor pergola lights can provide all of the above, but it’s a good idea to know what you are looking for before you go shopping.

The Advantages of Using Lights on Pergolas

What’s nice about these outdoor structures is that you can use their posts and beams to easily wrap or attach electrical cords conveniently out of the way. In fact, you can sometimes even conceal them where guests can barely notice them.

You don’t necessarily have to find a way to run wires underground. This makes a backyard lighting system much easier, cheaper and faster to install. Now that’s my kind of home improvement project!

An Outdoor Chandelier for a Pergola?

Outdoor Votive Candle Chandelier for Pergolas and GazebosYou’ll find lots of outdoor votive chandeliers that allow you to add candles. Candle chandeliers don’t require electrical wiring and therefore are quick and easy to install.

Note: In addition, you can use battery-operated candles to eliminate any fire hazard. Plus, some flameless votives even come with a remote control.

Therefore, you can turn your chandelier on and off using a handheld remote. =)

Rustic Outdoor Chandelier for Pergolas and GazebosHowever, if you want brighter light with a chandelier that you can plug in, check out the Kenroy Home Broadcast Outdoor Chandelier.

This light fixture actually looks like a dining room or living room lamp that you’d find indoors, doesn’t it? This makes it the perfect addition for an outdoor living room if you want to create that “indoor” feel.

This is a high-quality lamp that can add both ambiance and function to your outdoor space all at the same time. Not to mention, it looks cool during the day as well.

Pergola String Lights

Globe String LightsI really think Edison bulbs look really cool, but they can get pretty expensive (about $5 per bulb on a line of string lights!). I discovered that globe lights look similarly cool but cost about half the price (about $1.10 per bulb – what a difference!).

They are the perfect solution if you want lighting that is festive, bright and decorative looking during the daytime as well.

That said, if you LightsOnDirect.com has lots of outdoor industrial lighting options, including Edison string lights with a remote control.

More Pergola Lights, Lamps & Lanterns

Outdoor Moroccan Lantern in BlueI personally prefer the convenience of plug-in and remote control lamps. However, these Moroccan lanterns caught my eye because they are so colorful (9 different colors) and just look like a party is about to happen.

They take a little more effort because you will need candles to put inside, and they won’t give off as much light. However, on the other hand, they are easily portable and do not require electricity.

They are also much less expensive than a chandelier, for example. You could decorate with 10 of these for about the same price. Plus, you can hang these lamps or stand them on a table.

And if you are looking for ambiance, this is where it’s at.

“How-to” Instructions for Different Pergola Lighting Ideas:

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